International activity


Alpina Savoie set up 20 years ago a dedicated sourcing channel using 100% French durum wheat. It was built on a sustainable agriculture and fairtrade approach to guarantee a perfect products quality and traceability.

For 5 generations, passion and know-how are the key words for combining Authenticity and Innovation to develop unique products among which the Crozet, culinary symbol of the mountain culture.

Alpina is today distributing its products in retail, food industry and food service sectors in more than 30 countries around the world.

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Artisanal Mastery

from Premium French Ingredients to Heritage-Crafted Excellence
Selection of high quality 100% French raws materials and ingredients exclusively

Processing of durum wheat into semolina in our own mill located in Savoie region

Manufacturing of products relying on our extensive know how and heritage

Distribution channels

Alpina Savoie is manufacturing today both authentic products like Crozets pasta, culinary symbol of the mountain culture and healthy and innovative solutions for the food industry or food service sectors. Common denominators of our products are always the same: tasty, healthy and made in France.
Today Alpina Savoie has enriched its offer through an exclusive partnership with Heimburger Alsatian company manufacturing especially traditional PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) egg pasta since 1933.

Feel free to contact to know more about this exclusive range !


Products ranges


1844 Collection

High-quality French pasta


Grand Mère Egg pasta

Food industry

 Instant pasta for instant soups, meals and cups, meal kits, « trekking » meals
Sterilization and pasteurization resistant pasta for soups, ready meals, salads and baby food applications
Couscous pasta and semolina
Various options are available : low moisture, organic, pesticides free, wholegrain, pulses, colored, egg free, grain size

Food service

Our certifications

We are certified : IFS, Organic Europe, EPV (national certification given to French craft and industrial companies with rare and exceptional know-how)


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